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20 Gru 2017
Sztuki wizualne

Title: Against Destroying the Rainbow

"The rainbow has been used in many cultures and socio-political movements to represesent peace and diversity. I suggest that despite its mythical origins represented in Gen. 9 as a weapon hung in the sky by God, in popular perception the rainbow has become disconnected from its dual representation of violence and restoration, existing primarily as an attractive, sentimental symbol. Few would recognise the bow-shaped phenomenon as representative of a weapon - perhaps we need to translate the passage using the term 'rain-gun' or 'rain-missile' to hear the message of a deliberate decision on the part of God to cease from violence."

Quote: Jeanette Mathews, Charles Sturt University, Australia 'A bow in the clouds' (Gen 9:13): YHWH's qešet and the Rainbow Serpent as Metaphors of Life and Destruction; In
Ecological Aspects of War: Engagements with Biblical Texts, Anne Elvey, Keith Dyer, Deborah Guess, Bloomsbury Publishing 2017, p. 23

Agnieszka Szalkowska - kilka lat temu ukończyła Akademię Sztuk Pięknych im. Jana Matejki w Krakowie. Zajmuje się malowaniem, robieniem zdjęć, trochę ilustracją i ceramiką. Chętnie odwiedza wystawy, czasem pomaga przy ich organizowaniu. Mieszka w Krakowie.

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