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20 Gru 2017
Sztuki wizualne

Project Cube, shape of the geometric body
The Instalation was exhibited
2015/2016 Till when? / PGU Žilina /SK
2014 YICCA - Young international contest of contemporary art / CH
2014 Tutti Frutti Contemporary Art Festival / Bratislava / SK
2013 Cube / Hala Merina Trenčín / SK
Topic: Home in the present

The installation aims at defining a place we call home, reduced to: "Having a Space". Is it present in the atmosphere of the process? In dialogues? In contexts in relation to an individual? In the first plan, Cube is a caravan, it is a link to traveling and seasonal work abroad that has funded the art education. The balance, the confrontations, the strategies that emerged in it became home atmosphere, studio and home itself. Two meters of cubic space of brothers´artist duo is a varying geometric body. It visualizes the cubic outline of the environment in which it is installed, space in space. It refers to the constant transfer of authors and the resulting definition of a place we call home.

As brothers duo we are not defined by specific medium or idea, which would be present in our line of work. We are trying to either record or delimitate ourselves to the rapid flow of ongoing changes and events that shape us, or that we can shape ourselves. For a connecting link of our work could be considered the concepts of memory and time related to the artifacts of man, the mental history and thus to different interpretations of an inseparable connection between these two words.
Being in the creative process for us means the need for material reduction, concentration without distraction from the focus on our interest - flexibility. The two entities of one artistic identity – effort to double-locate, through our work and selected media to even multi-locate. Restoration, animation and cinematography, fine arts- graphic - these completed fields influence our expression towards the environment in which structures we live. Therefore, in artistic expression we choose intermedia overlaps (animation, installation, video, object, photo, etc.)
Working in the social sphere-teachers / as opposed to work in the forests and on farms, the empirical way to absorb new sources of inspiration deriving from the spectrum of conventional jobs is modulating our thematic focus. Employment, cities, places, architecture, human activity from the elementary level, the complexity of their interconnections, is where our interest is heading. We do not exclude one thing or another and give it higher or lower importance, we see them in a functional whole. Our need to travel and move constantly is connected with exploring new environments and comparing their parameters in the resulting time – to search the zero point, to report to and move again. The result of this process is the concept of self-education.

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